About Bioekonomiriksdagen

Climate change resulting from the emissions released upon burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. A crucial part of any plan to achieve sustainable production and consumption in the future will be to succeed in creating economic growth without depleting the Earth’s resources.

We need to move from an economy reliant on fossil fuels to one that is circular and biobased, and that links sustainability with competitiveness.

If you want to take strides towards this new future, the best place to start is at the Swedish Bioekonomiriksdag in Lund, 5-6th May 2021.

At Bioekonomiriksdagen, you will find inspiration in the examples of companies who have successfully converted to more sustainable production methods, new technological solutions, and new business models. You can find out about the important political issues, the latest in scientific research, and take part in discussions about how we can collectively make these next steps. How can we make better use of renewable raw materials in the production of food and materials, and the building of society in general? How can we ensure residual waste is valued as a resource for other value chains?

Transitioning to a circular bioeconomy will benefit both society and the climate, and will create new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing companies.

Bioekonomiriksdagen will demonstrate how you fit into the new bioeconomy; how you can benefit and at the same time help save the planet.

Two days, two steps forward. Let’s go!

Bioekonomiriksdagen 2021 is hosted by Region Skåne, Lund University, and Bioinnovation.

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