The open Skåne 2030 - Skåne's regional development strategy

Region Skåne has a permanent mandate from the Swedish state to coordinate regional development issues and to head the work to draw up the regional development strategy for Skåne.

The regional development strategy shall formulate and create a broad joint approach to a common strategic objective for Skåne looking to the year 2030. A strategic objective that strengthens cooperation between different actors and that contributes to the creation of a context, a story, for those who live in Skåne.

Skåne's regional development strategy is part of both a national and European context, such as via the national strategy for regional growth and attractiveness, the Baltic Sea Strategy, the WHO Health 2020 strategy, Europe 2020, the EU's energy and climate goals for 2030 and the EU's cohesion strategy.

We have gathered around a joint strategic objective for "The Open Skåne". We have selected five prioritised standpoints to realise the strategic objective. Each standpoint is associated with a number of sub-strategies and a few goals. By 2030, Skåne shall have been strengthened in a number of areas.

The five prioritised standpoints are:

  • Skåne shall offer optimism and quality of life
  • Skåne shall be a strong, sustainable growth engine
  • Skåne shall benefit from its polycentric urban structure
  • Skåne shall develop the welfare services of tomorrow
  • Skåne shall be globally attractive

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